Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 27.
Entry 1.
This is getting worse by the minute! All the commotion was enough to rouse Whilhelm from whatever hole he’d been lurking within. I guess when he saw all the devastation he assumed that we’d be nearby. Once again, damn his halfling head, he was right. He popped up just as the others were straggling back out of the palace ruins. By the time I’d given him the short version of events, the rest of the party had regrouped. Keros told us all to get out of the city and immediately marched off after Aileen with Whilhelm and Traileman following right behind, despite my urgings to flee. Varel seemed to have had enough and announced that he was sneaking out of the city. My first instincts are to join him, however, I have reservations about just abandoning Whilhelm, again, damn his halfling head. Resnov and Boa also agreed with me that escape is the sensible option, but I want to give the others a chance to join us, so we followed a block or 2 behind. I’m hoping that another near death encounter will convince them that I’m right.
Entry 2.
We followed Aileen’s path of destruction North. After moving a ways, we found ourselves surrounded by a large group of elves. Aileen’s passage had warped them into Dark Elves. These particular elves, however, were even more hungry than normal. They were like addicts, desperate for another hit. Adding to the danger were several living spells wandering the area. Resnov and I ran up to join the others. Boa, had tried to bring the cart however and several jumped aboard and attacked him. I was also a target. 3 got ahold of me and in a second had drained all of my upper level spells! I guess that I got lucky as anyone who is not a spell caster seemed to have their life force drained instead of spells.
Entry 3.
This is chaos! Boa had managed to jump off the cart and take refuge in a burning building. Meanwhile the horse panicked and ran headlong into another, killing them all and the elves who’d jumped onto it. We had some good fortune as 2 of the living spells wandered off, and several of the elves had run into the living cloudkill spell. They perished quickly within. Boa was able to lure the elf following him close enough to the cloudkill for the dark elf to succumb to its lure and run inside of it. Resnov took the rest of them down while we ditched the rest by cutting through another burned structure.
Entry 3.
I’ve had enough. I attempted once more to persuade the others that this was madness. Keros again tried to convince the others to flee, but once again, Whilhelm and Traileman refused and followed him. I sent Kackle up for a look around, he reported that the western quarter was quieter, so we made our way into that section of the city. Hopefully we will be able to sneak through the area and get the hells out of here!
Entry 4.
Damn! I knew this wouldn’t be easy, but I’d hoped that Kackle could chart us a clear path out of here. We tried to move through a burned out park area. It seemed clear at first, but Resnov’s armor clanking drew more attention than I’d hoped. Curse me for a fool! If I’d have been thinking I’d have had him ditch his armor. At any rate, it’s a moot point now. Almost a dozen dark elves surged out of the ruins surrounding the park. They threw fire from their fingers and within an instant, Resnov was in flames! I was out of healing potions and most of my spells. I went invisible, Boa went into the shadows and Resnov took off in another direction. The last I saw of him was as he ran, engulfed in flames. Boa and I met up further down the avenue, Resnov did not join us. Farewell my friend, but fear not. I still carry the lock of hair you gave me, you WILL walk again.
Entry 5.
Boa and I kept going. We had another close call moving through a narrow section of streets. My last invisibility and Boa’s stealth got us through this section, despite several dark elves trying to sweep the area and find us. The fact that every other building in the city was on fire seemed to help, with plenty of chaos around us it was hard for anyone to lock onto us.
Entry 6.
We finally made it! After a few more streets, Boa and I were able to escape the city through one of the smaller city gates. We quickly moved away from the city walls. As to the fates of the others, it’s not hard to guess. Kackle confirmed that the temple of Kaltia Melith was nothing but rubble. During our flight, we briefly heard her assault on the temple cease. Shortly thereafter, Aileen screamed back into the sky and the resulting destruction that we heard was undoubtedly the temple collapsing. Good journey to you all. Though I am sure that I will not due it justice, I will try to ensure that the tale of your valiant stand against the Dark Princess is told. Meanwhile, we have other concerns. I have to find Varel, assuming that he made it out. I also need to see about getting Resnov and perhaps Traileman resurrected. That could be tough considering that all the senior priests in the immediate area are either dead are dark elves. Perhaps Zook is still alive. Though a reincarnation is a distinct secondary option, it may be all that I have. Then we need to get the hells out of this kingdom!



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