Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 18.
Entry 1.
As we were waiting at the cave entrance, catching our breath, fortune finally smiled upon us. Wilhelm returned from scouting the area and he brought reinforcements. While he was away, he’d stumbled upon a young cleric by the name of Keros who’d also been scouting the area. It seems that there have been a number of disappearances in the region, attributed to goblins, and he was investigating the situation. After some much needed healing, we decided to withdraw and rest. First though, Wilhelm and Varel decided to scout around to determine if any additional entrances to the warrens existed.
Entry 2.
After some looking around, they discovered 2 other possible means of entry. There was a secondary, less well guarded tunnel and a narrow passage that was carved by a stream as it ran underground that could be accessed by someone crawling through it. This could be useful later on. For now, however, we must rest. We retired to a small hillock 2-3 miles away to rest. Reznov began digging a trench around it while some of us began to rest.
Entry 3.
Grrr. Rest it seems is going to be denied us. About an hour after setting up camp, a goblin patrol ambushed us. They charged in, luckily Reznov’s trench served as a decent fortification. Having gotten used to disturbances, I slept thru the beginning of the battle as no one tried to awaken me. We were able to defeat them without too much effort though. Hopefully that will be the only interruption that we will need to face.
Entry 4.
We can’t seem to catch a break today. Sometime later, A new attack wave came. We were on a heightened alert and they were spotted sooner this time. Once again we had to repel their assault. This fight was somewhat more challenging, as the goblins sent in 4 monks as their 1st wave, while the rest held back as archery support. I was able to block a lot of them with an obscuring mist, and once the monks went down, we were able to mop up the rest, although Inaria had a rough time of it. The goblins seemed particularly interested in striking at her. Once we’d finished, we decided that relocating even further away would be wise, but first, Wilhelm wanted to stop by the secondary entrance again to see if it was still guarded. I guess he is curious to see if we’ve thinned their numbers enough to pull away all of their warriors. I’m not sure what the point is, even if the passage is unguarded, we are in no position to exploit it.
Entry 5.
We set forth to the goblins back entrance. Varel and Wilhelm tried to sneak around, but as the rest of us had been requested to come along, we were quickly spotted. The guards all charged and Inaria was quickly incapacitated, forcing us to eliminate the rest of the guards before we could withdraw. We killed them without much trouble and after the last of Keros’s healing, got out of the area.
Entry 6.
After a couple hours of travel, we camped at a location over 5 miles from the goblin base. We hoped that it would be far enough removed from them to grant us a night of peace. Alas, we were wrong. In the middle of the night, the camp was attacked by a large plains lion! I guess it had been enjoying a good life preying on goblins, but with our reducing their numbers, perhaps it had not been able to find dinner this evening? At any rate, when Jtrielle saw it stalking the camp and alerted us, it charged and unfortunately, with its first blow, tore Inaria’s chest open, killing her on the spot. Not being in any position to do anything, we all backed away until we could make our escape. The last we saw of Inaria was the lion taking her away to feed. Good journey lass.
Entry 7.
After this recent development, we chose to return to Jtrielle to rest and resupply. Given the scope of the goblin problem, we are hoping that we can get some support from the town elders, some money and equipment would be nice! After we get back on our feet we can try this again, By my figures, we’ve eliminate over 120 goblins! With a reduction in their numbers like that, I’m hoping that they will not have as much to throw at us during our next visit.



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