Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 19.
Entry 1.
We returned to Jtrielle and took a room at the inn. After some discussion, we decided to explore the possibility of soliciting an offer from the city leadership to clear out the warrens in the well beneath the town. Although none of us are really excited about the prospect of fighting in that rats nest, we can’t deny the advantage of being able to operate so close to a secure base of operations. According to the innkeep, the town is run by Mayor Elohart’luthe. I’ll go pay him a visit tomorrow.
Entry 2.
I spoke with the mayor the next morning. He offered 250 gp for the job. Not much, but hopefully there will be more down the rabbit hole so to speak. I made request for supplies to aid us in our next assault on the goblin lair. He promised to send a request, but was not optimistic about its success, despite my claims that the goblin threat was greater than anyone suspected. At any rate, before I left he also pointed me in the direction of a sorcerer who was looking to join up with an adventuring group. Hopefully this streak will break soon.
Entry 3.
The sorcerer Adrian was eager to join. After some preparation we made our way to the well and began our descent. We were trying to make our entrance with some stealth when Resnov lost his grip on the rope and fell. He was unhurt, but lost us the advantage of surprise. The creatures came soon after. With their globes of darkness and poisoned blades, the battle took twice the time that it should’ve.
Entry 4.
With the fight over, and weakened from the poison, Resnov, Adrian and I retreated, while Airnan and Varel went further in to do some reconnaissance. They barely made it out. After sneaking around to the back of the cave, they observed a larger creature in a chamber that had been converted to a makeshift temple to Senira. It preformed some ritual that generated 6 more of the small creatures! It was at this moment that Airnan kicked over some pebbles and signaled their presence. They had to fight a running battle to get out. Varel caught so much poison that he collapsed. Luckily Keros had stayed behind to provide support and despite Airnan slowing things down by attempting to get himself pulled up with Varel, we got everyone out alive. A trip to the local temple where, Keros’s intervention along with a generous donation was able to secure us enough restorations to get everyone back into fighting shape by the next day. Varel had also managed to come out with some trophies, bones and possessions of slain villagers that had been worked into some type of fetishes?
Entry 5.
Based upon the report given by Airnan and Varel, we were able to piece together something of the story behind our current situation. The creatures were speaking Aklo and the large one was called a spite fairy. It creates the small creatures by putting the souls of others of its kind into the constructed bodies. This poses a problem. Before, I was hoping to be able to bleed them to death. But since their numbers can be constantly replenished, we need to take the big one down or else we will never defeat them. So back we go.
Entry 6.
We began our 2nd assault on the complex. Due to our previous experience, I felt that to achieve maximum stealth, we should lower ourselves down the well. That plan didn’t go so well. Varel had descended 1st to secure the well while I was to be lowered down next. Unfortunately, Reznov lost his grip on the rope and I hit the well bottom like a rock! I was unhurt, but our element of surprise was ruined! So we pressed on anyway.
Entry 7.
I began summoning, while the others hurried down. We had all gotten down and were still unchallenged? So, after leaving some creatures behind as a rear guard, we proceeded down the left passage. It looped around, emerging into a side chamber, that’s where they waited!
Entry 8.
The creatures were lying in wait, hiding in concealed alcoves in the walls of the room. When we entered, they attacked! Airnan had blundered deep into the room and was quickly surrounded and cut down! We managed to dispatch the rest, even though they managed to avoid most of the spells Adrian threw at them. Rogues! At any rate we finally cleared this area. Now what do we do? Most of my summons are spent and we are now down a man. If we withdraw, we will just have to re-fight our way back in, but those who remain will be stronger. If we continue on, this could end up a repeat to the disaster in The Darkwoods.



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