Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 22.
Entry 1.
Our slightly diminished band of merry fools returned to Lznesh. We discussed a few options regarding our next move. Then Lucas went out and bought a canoe! He also returned with a young halfling rogue named Boa. Varel and I had advocated heading to Malline, the others wanted to head back to the river and try a crossing on our own. Being outvoted, we acquiesced and the next day set back out for the river.
Entry 2.
We made good time to the river. Our only delay was due to the attack of a peryton. A couple summoned creatures seemed to make it reconsider and wing off in search of easier prey.
Entry 3.
We reached the river and were able to cross without too much difficulty. Afterward we hid the canoe and Whilhelm instructed Boa to create a map so that we could find it again. I observed that he seemed to have some trouble with that task, therefore, I choose to also tie a strip of white cloth to a nearby tree to assist our locating the canoe in the event that Boa’s map wasn’t entirely accurate.
Entry 4.
The area south off the river was forest that quickly gave way to swampy territory. Travel became more difficult but not impossible and we continued to move south in a search pattern, avoiding certain native creatures, until due to mostly luck I believe, we stumbled upon a ramshackle hut.
Entry 5.
Whilhelm approached and hailed. The door opened and an attractive young woman stepped forth. She responded positively that she was one of the witches that we sought. After explaining our situation, she replied that she could help, for a price. I’d begun to think that I may have misjudged the situation, that is until we heard her fee! In exchange for something that could kill Dell’enaye, she demanded 10 years of our life! She promised to take it off the end though! I was now sure that lurking below the face she presented was indeed a hag. When we attempted to negotiate, she stated that she would take a child in place of 10 years. Resnov and I are both unwilling to part with 10 years, even if I turn out not to need them, I’m concerned that the portion of my life essence that is taken could somehow be used against me at some point. She also mentioned that she would waive her fee in exchange for the return of the Mirror of Kau’uli. Which, if I remember right from my readings, was a mirror of soul trapping. She claimed that it was stolen from her about 80-90 years ago and her divinations had been unable to locate it.
Entry 6.
We bid the witch farewell and began our trudge back to the canoe. Varel snuck back and had another word with her unbeknownst to the rest of us. He later mentioned to me that the witch had agreed to take the hearts of anyone who didn’t wish to give up 10 years in lieu of the actual 10 years. I’m still reluctant to part with anything of the sort. So we will once again return to Lznesh and plan.
Entry 7.
After some difficulties locating the canoe, we re-crossed the river and made our way to Lznesh. After a few hours sitting around the tavern, we decided to head back to Ashalae and then perhaps another stab at the goblin warrens.
Entry 8.
The trip back to Ashalae had gone without incident, until the end that is. We were perhaps a day out, when we met a small band of traveler’s on the road. They were pilgrims of a sort. They, along with many others, us included, had witnessed an airship fly over a few days ago and had heard rumors that it had landed in Dozellae. For whatever reason, probably just simple curiosity, they decided to travel south and see what’s going on. They asked what the road was like and after hearing some of what we’d faced, offered us a commission to guard them on their journey. It’s out of our way, but we are at somewhat of a loss as how to proceed. I remember a tale in which when unsure of his path, a young adventurer chose to investigate local concerns, an ore shortage I believe, and by doing so he discovered that events were more connected to his situation than he realized. So, with that in mind, we turned around and began our journey to Dozellae.
Entry 9.
Our travels were uneventful for most of the trip. We passed an elven mage driving a wagon pulled by skeletal horses and protected by skeletal warriors. He was pleasant enough, he passed by without incident and we minded our own business. Near Lznesh, we found an old brush covered chest just off the road. We suspected that it was a mimic and were correct. Varel triggered its attack when he went to check on it. We put it down and continued on our way.
Entry 10.
Close to our destination, we met a wandering illusionist who had a small roadside show set up. Whilhelm spent a little time helping him to improve his act, in return he told us a few things about the airship that landed in Dozellae. It seems that it belongs to a group of adventurers, most likely foreign. That is interesting. I’d assumed that it was simply the conveyance of some elf or another, but a group of foreign adventurers! Now I’m curious as to what is going on with that craft.
Entry 11.
The remainder of our journey passed without too much incident. We got caught in a rain storm that had attracted several lightning elementals. Not wanting to risk our clients, we decided to wait out the storm and allow them to pass by on their own. Once the way was clear we continued on our way and arrived at Lznesh.



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