Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 23.
Entry 1.
We proceeded into Lznesh and bid our pilgrims farewell. We were able to see the airships gas bag over the tops of the buildings of the village. Having nothing else to do, we went to check it out. Along the way, we asked around and found that the airship was the property of the Iron Legion, a group of adventurers from the North who gained some renown from the killing of the demonic alligator Bloodtooth.
Entry 2.
3 guards remained at the airship gangplank. They must have had issues with others attempting to steal it before, for they were unwilling to allow any to approach. All that we found out was that they were heading south. Not having learned much, I sent Whilhelm back to chat one of them up. For 200GP each, they offered to give us a ride. At once, talk began about trying to drop into Dell’enaye’s lair n Darkwoods! I’m very uncomfortable about the notion of hot dropping into hostile zones. It is tempting, the idea of leapfrogging to the end of the road, trying to strike directly at the enemy’s heart. But I am convinced that a maneuver such as that will only end in our deaths. Striking from the outside, removing our enemy’s support one by one until she has no one left to provide aid, that will win the day. Whilhelm then talked the guard into going out drinking later, hopefully getting him good and drunk will get him talking.
Entry 3.
While waiting for the evening, some of us went for supplies, and Whilhelm went snooping for any additional information. He got quite lucky on 2 fronts. First, he managed to find a woman who had been one of Dell’enaye’s acolytes (before being defrocked) who was able to pinpoint the location of Dell’enaye’s grove near the center of the forest! The other, was the recruitment of Trailenan, a young druid! As excited as I am to have him with us, I wonder why he hasn’t chosen to join Dell’enaye? I can understand his reasoning of not liking her methods, but I still wonder?
Entry 4.
Whilhelm’s evening of drinking seemed to go well. He found a seedy tavern to visit, while we waited nearby. It seems that the Iron Legion is heading to Bar’cour, on the Southern continent! Bar’cour is an ancient orc holy ground, a place where many of their greatest warriors are buried. It is also rumored to be heavily infested with restless undead. It seems that the Legion is going down to do some grave robbing, seeing the graves as easy pickings. We learned a couple other interesting items as well. It seems that Bloodtooth wasn’t exactly a demon, just a large crocodile, and their airship was found parked outside of a tomb up north! The original owner had apparently gone inside and perished, so the Legion appropriated it.
Entry 5.
We convened afterward to discuss our options. A few wanted to eliminate the Iron Legion and relieve them of their airship. This option seems quite dangerous, as that they seem pretty capable, not to mention it is unsporting. While not the most upright of individuals, we generally have been trying to walk a generally heroic path. That being the case, it doesn’t seem right to attack another group who aren’t doing anything wrong, just because they have something that we don’t. That makes us little better than bandits. Others, wish to join them on their grave robbing. This could be a grand adventure. But there are concerns about the potential undead orcs, the willingness of the Legion to let us join, and possible betrayal or abandonment by the Legion. All things considered, we fell that keeping to our original plan and clearing the goblin warrens should remain our priority.
Entry 6.
The next day we set forth. Travel went uneventfully until the 2nd night when we were attacked by a pair of spriggans. We dealt with them easily enough.
Entry 7.
The next day was more interesting! We discovered the burial cairn of the legendary adventurer Drugo the Black. According to the stories, he was cursed by the gods. Seeing as how his grave marker read “Here lies Drugo the Black, DANGER”, that would make sense. His grave radiated magic, so it practically begged to be opened.
Entry 8.
Between Resnov and an earth elemental, we opened it pretty quickly. Just as the burial pit was about to be opened, a giant undead hand punched through and attacked. This appears to be the giant hand of Drugo as it was affected by the curse. It is quite fascinating as it will choose a target and link its destiny to that of the creature, even pursuing it across time and space if need be. It quickly bonded with Resnov so running is not an option. We dispatched the hand and finished our looting. We took a few items including Drugo’s ring.
Entry 9.
The next day as dusk fell, we came across an enormous swarm of ants. They were moving slowly west, so we diverted to the east to go around them.
Entry 10.
The 5th day saw us stumbling across the skeleton of a large red dragon. It still had arrow heads lodged in it. It looks like someone had brought it down and the ants had skeletonized the remains. Trailenan surmised that its lair lies in the hills to the west. We may have to check that out later.
Entry 11.
We have entered into goblin lands. The familiar desolation is all around us. Around a days march from the warrens we stopped to make camp. Due to the troubles we had last time, we set a double watch. That night a group of 20 goblins attacked. Only 3 survived. It was still 3 too many. Despite locking down the battlefield with webs, stinking clouds and sleep effects, some goblins still got away to warn the others. This warren has got to be getting low on goblins by now! Tomorrow we will hopefully make it the rest of the way and go in for the final kill.



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