Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 24.
Entry 1.
Traileman and Varel went scouting at first light. They encounter a group of 8 goblins, upon seeing all of us, they melted away into the distance. I guess our reputation preceded us.
Entry 2.
We moved in closer and found every entrance unguarded! This seems odd! I know that we’ve killed a lot of them, but to think that they’d just leave their lair exposed like this? Something isn’t right. We are going to have Varel be extra thorough in checking for traps.
Entry 3.
So, that something that wasn’t right turned out to be a group of the halfling sized spite fairies that ambushed us from the ceiling! We had been exploring a section of the tunnels when they dropped on us. We were able to take them down without too much trouble. Their poisoned daggers proved to be problematic per usual, but luckily the anti-toxin that I cooked up seems to work! I made sure to actually get a couple of them this time, hopefully I can use it to create a stronger anti-toxin and if I’m lucky I’ll reproduce their poison. It could give us a nice little edge at times.
Entry 4.
As we kept moving, we discovered the real surprise! In the next room, we found one of the large spite fairies, a female goblin shaman, and about 20 or so dead goblins that were quickly raised up as zombies and sent our way. A carefully placed web kept half of them from rushing us, that left the others funneled into a nice killing field. A globe of darkness and silence spell hampered our efforts a little, but in the end they too fell before us. We found some decent loot upon them and after rolling the corpses, moved onward.
Entry 5.
As we were all wounded and our spells depleted, we knew that we needed rest. Despite my objections, the others elected to make camp in a narrow alcove in one of the side corridors. I have deep reservations about this. I know that we have as much chance to be ambushed outdoors, but at least we wouldn’t be trapped like rats in a corner.
Entry 6.
Despite my fears, the night passed uneventfully. We were able to get some good rest, recover spells and heal up. One strange thing though, Boa has a horrible looking bruise on the side of his head and he keeps looking at Varel like a whipped puppy who is afraid of being beaten at any moment. How odd?



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