Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 25.
Entry 1.
We broke camp and resumed our exploration. The current corridor meandered on for a ways before becoming quite low and narrow. Boa was the only one who could continue on without having to remove any armor or crawl, therefore he went onward to scout. After 10 minutes he returned. From the description that he gave, I estimated that he finally emerged somewhere near the main entrance. A little more snooping around found no signs of any life, be it goblin or spite fairy.
Entry 2.
Just to be sure that we had the warrens cleared, we dropped down to the lower level and began to search. We found a few more empty rooms, most of them trapped, along with a tunnel that had been blocked off. There were scrapes of wood laid across the opening, held down with rocks. This barrier was insubstantial enough to pose no obstacle to anything trying to come up from below, therefore, we summarized that it was meant to keep the goblin residents from going below. The only thing that we were able to hear from within was the sound of water. I remember tales of the Dark Below that speak of a strange form of water found in the deep that is able to transform creatures into monstrous aberrations. Perhaps a supply of it exists deeper within?
Entry 3.
Once again, things were going too well! Sigh. We’d begun exploring down another passage when Varel discovered another trap. It was a magical rune, partially buried! I examined it and it seemed to be some sort of transmutation magic. Unfortunately, when he attempted to disarm it, he inadvertently triggered the trap! One flash of light later, there stoop a chipmunk in the midst of all of Varel’s gear!
Entry 4.
This really complicates our day. We gathered up chipmunk Varel’s gear and kept going. Luckily he seemed to have retained his mental faculties; he was even able to pick the lock on the next door we came across, which by good fortune turned out to be the goblin treasury. A few of us stayed to do inventory, while the others pushed on.
Entry 5.
What a pile of clutter! We found a nice amount of coinage and some others interesting items, but most of the things in here are nothing but mundane equipment and crap! Some pieces of note though are; an engraved bronze bell, a carved wooded orb, an ivory vase with a woman painted upon it, 2 elven tapestry’s, a woman’s masterwork breastplate with a star ruby in the chest, an iron censor engraved with skulls, an iron censor that radiates necromantic energy, a large grey feather, some dark leather gloves, a vial of magic stone, a holy symbol and some scrolls and potions. We found other items of value, but I was impressed by a few of these items. The bell for instance. I remember reading of an item that matches its description. I believe that it is the Bell of Linearn the Elder, which can open a gateway to the Blood Pits. I need to do some more research, but I’m pretty sure that a doorway to the Blood Pits isn’t a good thing. I want to investigate the orb a little more, though it isn’t magical, it seems out of place here and may have some value. The tapestry’s are quite interesting. One depicts the elven goddess Kaltia Melith sealing her lover, Labal’neth inside the moon. Upon seeing this, Keros claimed it along with the holy symbol. The other tapestry was familiar, it commemorated the opening of the academy in Velemaelon, with Daremar Elena standing before the doors. The only other item that we recognized was the breastplate. It resembles the breastplate of Viery’Aserdyl Cortorucos whose soul was trapped within the ruby set on it by Frelba Worthworm, an evil sorceress. Seeing as how the ruby radiates magic, I believe it, this all will require more investigating.
Entry 6.
We finished exploring the rest of the warrens without many more incidents. We found another magical trap that Traileman was able to trip with a summoned squirrel. The tunnels eventually brought us to the main entrance, whereupon we made our departure.
Entry 7.
The group chose to head back to Jtrielle, it being the closest settlement. The journey was mostly peaceful, although a day out from the warrens, we came across a half dozen dead goblins that had died by fire. Questioning one of the dead revealed that a red dragon had killed them all! Tracks indicate that a large group of goblins had been present but had scattered after the attack. I wonder if the dragon is the mate or offspring of the other one that we found?
Entry 8.
The next day and not too much farther away we found the remains of an elf who had been impaled on a spike! Poor bastard. This had the marks of something that goblins do when they are bored, the vermin. We laid the elf to rest and continued.
Entry 9.
When it rains it pours. We’d reached Jtrielle and on one of the outlying houses we found the message “OZYRION LIVES” scrawled on its side! The name was unfamiliar to us and none of the nearby locals were aware of its meaning either. As strange as that was, they also informed us of another unpleasant development. It seems that that bitch Chelsea had gone to the town council and whipped them up into a frenzy, claiming that we consorted with demons! From their reports, they were ready to arrest us on sight. I’m now regretting that she survived the fight in the well. We were lucky that the locals we spoke to didn’t believe the rumors. While some of us (including myself) went to hide ourselves outside of town. Keros and Whilhelm took Chipmunk Varel and made a trip to the local temple of Kaltia Melith. Upon arrival, Keros presented the Kaltia Melith tapestry and the holy symbol (which apparently belonged to a famous cleric) to the temple elder. He was also able to convince him that these tales were false and get an assurance that he would speak to the council on our behalf. The elder was highly alarmed when Whilhelm alerted him to the goblins that had been slain by the dragon! He immediately asked us to undertake a mission to destroy the beast, he even offered to prepare supplies for us; potion, scrolls and the like. Whilhelm tentatively accepted, but due to the fact that they were unable to de-chipmunk Varel, we must first go to Ashalae.
Entry 10.
We set out for Ashalae. On our 2nd day, we came across a cart being drawn by a pair of dwarves. Needless to say this peaked our curiosity. According to them, they had lost their horses to a group of giant spiders the day before. They got very tight lipped when we asked what they were carrying. Whilhelm was able to enthrall them for a moment, giving Boa a chance to hop in and take a look at their cargo. The cart was full of casks, each of which contained 2-3 decomposing corpses! This was an interesting development. In the end though, we decided that it was really none of our business and we let the dwarves proceed without interference.
Entry 11.
That night as we slept we were attacked by.. surprise, giant spiders! They were supported by some sort of human/spider hybrid. An entangle spell from Traileman and Keros moving around as a distraction served to give us the chance to take them out in smaller groups at a time. Despite Traileman taking a couple hard hits, we were able to win through. Hopefully we can avoid encounters like this in the future.



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