Available Quests

Available Quests

1. Merchant Raiders
Investigate and deal with the Elven mercenaries that have been attacking merchant shipping in the area. (updated: Locate the parties responsible for Garondor’s destruction.)

2. Laboratory of Caramul the Black
Explore beyond the golden doors found in the depths of the Heartfire Mine, (suspected location of Caramul the Black’s lab).

3. The Stinging Tomb
Travel to the Valley of Uskor and explore The Stinging Tomb.

4. Go Big Blue!
Achieve the power necessary to return to Kerra’Syx’s lair and put and end to her reign of terror over the Banerock Mts.

5. A Rose and its thorns
Find the thief known as “The Rose”.

6. Bringing down the tower
Destroy the cultist’s tower and end the “Light of Judgement”.

7. The Dark Princess and Her Court
Locate and kill the “Dark Princess” and her remaining Deva’s.

8. Shattered Shield Pest removal
Find and eliminate the dragon lurking to the West of Jtriele.

Available Sub-Quests

1. Kill Dell’enaye : (sub-quest of “The Dark Princess and Her Court”)
Eliminate the renegade general Dell’enaye.

2. Kill Casollandra : (sub-quest of “The Dark Princess and Her Court”)
Destroy Casollandra, consort of the “Dark Princess”.

3. Witch Way? : (sub-quest of “The Dark Princess and Her Court”)
Investigate the rumors of the witches in the South and discover if they can offer any aid against Dell’enaye and her druidic magic.
(Update): Due to the price that the witch demanded, we are not willing to give 10 years of our life at this time.

Available Quests

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