Completed Quests

Completed Quests

1. Damsel in Distress
Find and rescue Sarah VonBotten from the clutches of the Ogre King and his minions.
- INVALID: Quest completed by the Shining Swords.

2. Wolfman Ja…… Err… Aranmiel
Locate a cure for Aranmiel’s lycanthropy.
- INVALID: With Aranmiel’s death by Kerra’Syx, his lycanthropy is no longer an issue.

3. Go North young man
Sign on as caravan guards on the trade expedition to Botton.
- INVALID: With the arrival of Kerra’Syx, the caravan is lost.

4. Wayward Shepard : (possible sub-quest of “The Dark Princess and Her Court”)
Track down and kill Nashalar the Twisted. Recover any artifacts stolen from the Church of Kaltia Melith.
- COMPLETED: Nashalar is dead and the imprisoned demon has been destroyed.

5. Well Well! : Investigate and destroy the creatures that lair within the well in Jtriele.
- COMPLETED: The spite fairy and its minions have been defeated

Completed Sub-Quests

1. Prisoner Transport (Merchant Raiders Sub-Quest)
Escort the captive Elven mercenary from Carnly to Garandor for the Ironfist Clan.
- COMPLETED: Captive elven mercs delivered to Clan Ironfist.

2. Delivery Boys (Merchant Raiders Sub-Quest)
Bring the statue commissioned by the Temple of Garandor back from the sculptor in Carnly.
- INVALID: With the destruction of Garondor, the temple has been destroyed.

3. My Cup Runneth Over (Laboratory of Caramul the Black Sub-Quest)
Retrieve the Chalice of Bok from the lair of Kerra’Syx.
- COMPLETED: Callard & myself stole the chalice during our escape from Kerra’Syx’s lair.

4. Goblin Apocalypse : (sub-quest of “The Dark Princess and Her Court”)
Wipe out the goblin warrens South of Jtriele and obtain the defoliant used to despoil the area’s plant life for use against the modified shambling mounds of the Darkwoods.
- COMPLETED: The warrens have been cleared and most of the remaining goblins have fled into the wild.

Completed Quests

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