Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth.

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 12.
Entry 1.
We emerged from the portal into a sea of chaos! The city that we found ourselves in was under attack. Many buildings around us were on fire, people and soldiers were running in all directions. An elven woman that we hailed as she was fleeing from the battle lines explained to us that the city was under siege from Lur Trollson, a half troll warlord who’d been attacking eleven cities in the region for the past year. We let her go on her way and moved forward to the combat zone to observe the situation.
Entry 2.
We reached a small city square that had been cordoned off with debris to form a crude palisade, there was heavy fighting occurring just yards beyond. The elven city guardsmen we spoke with, told us that their commander, Capt. Adalus had gone forward to engage the enemy general in combat. Even though our understanding of the situation is vague, we chose to intervene and moved forward.
Entry 3.
Just beyond the defensive lines, we observed roughly a dozen guardsmen fighting half as many trolls and half trolls. A little further, an elf who we surmised was Capt. Adalus dueled an individual in ornate golden armor, undoubtedly Lur Trollson. Capt. Adalus seemed outmatched as was taking a lot of punishment, Azroth charged forward to come to his aid while the rest of us moved to assist the closest guardsmen and push our way forward.
Entry 4.
As we joined the fighting, Richard seemed to come under some kind of charm. He began to attack one of the elves! He didn’t seem to know why? This complicates matters but there isn’t much we can do about it now. I set about sending my elementals into the battle and greasing the terrain beneath the trolls feet. The others began to attack as they found openings. Azroth got into melee and began to fight Trollson, unfortunately he arrived just seconds too late and Capt. Adalus fell to his blows.
Entry 5.
The battle was fierce, we lost about half of the guardsmen. One fell to Richard, the others to the trolls, including the elven battle mage who moved ahead of his protective detail to cast a burning hands spell, The troll whom he targeted took offense and stepped up to rip him in half. With that, the mages guards moved over to provide me with cover, very sporting of them. As we thinned out the opposition, a small group of half trolls joined the fight and attempted to flank the barricades. Luckily, between Shengas and his crossbow and Wilhelm putting several to sleep, they and the guardsmen were able to kill them with no further losses. As Trollson was the last remaining opponent at that point, we surrounded him in order to put him down, he eventually fell but not before handing out some brutal damage. He was decked out in magic gear and after putting Richard to sleep to end his rampage, we helped ourselves to the spoils, which included the fallen mages spellbook.
Entry 6.
Needless to say the elves were grateful for our help and understandable irritated at Richard and were preparing to kill him. We’d noticed that the apparent cause of his actions was related to the magic sword he was now wielding. It seems to be cursed. We explained the situation to the elves and relieved him of the sword. After waking him, we then took command of the guards detail that we’d fought alongside and as this area had been pacified, moved deeper into the combat zone. Hoping that the death f their leader would demoralize his forces and cause them to break and run, we took Lur Trollson’s head as a trophy.
Entry 7.
A short ways ahead we heard sounds of fighting from 2 directions. To the right we saw a giant rampaging through the streets a short distance away. From the left we heard screams about “Snarlfang”, which from my readings I remembered was an ancient troll warlord who’d been menacing the lands for many decades. We decided to tackle him first and went left.
Entry 8.
We moved forward into a small plaza with a large fountain in the center. Within there were 4 trolls and a bigger, stronger, and uglier troll wearing armor that looked like it was carved from stone? The big troll had just finished killing a pair of guards with a hammer that was almost larger than himself. Azroth held Trollson’s head high, but the trolls either didn’t understand or care that he was dead and moved to attack. This could be bad. Most of us still had wounds from the last fight, and my most powerful spells were spent.
Entry 9.
More bad luck. As the fight began, the cursed sword that we’d abandoned reappeared in Richards hands. Fortunately were realized this and everyone backed off, thus prompting him to attack a troll instead of one of us. The guardsmen also joined battle and acquitted themselves exceptionally well. We focused our attacks and I slowed the big one down with a web and some of my emergency scrolls. We killed the lesser trolls and hit Snarlfang with a fear spell that caused him to try and flee. One of my grease spells complicated this and we used his prone state after slipping and falling to great effectiveness and killed him, after which Azroth claimed his head and magical hammer. Another spell spell was needed to bring Richard out of his berserk state.
Entry 10.
Once this fight had concluded, the guards were eager to press on against the giant. We’d expended almost all of our resources and were cautious about the idea. Varel asked if there was any support of reinforcements that we could access, and luckily one of the guards had an idea. This plaza contained the city’s main temple of Kaltia Melith. It seem that the trolls had been about to raid it before we stopped them. We paid a visit and after the guards explained the situation, the acolytes within freely handed out enough healing potions to heal us of all our wounds. They also provided a handful of scrolls that they had salted away for emergencies. Unfortunately, any priest capable of relieving Richard of his cursed blade was out serving as a combat medic with the defense forces, so we’ll just have to do our best to deal with his condition. We decide to keep him manacled until we need him in battle. Now, off to fight a giant.
Entry 11.
We followed the screams and sounds of destruction to the giant. He stood alone, demolishing buildings. From the corpses scattered about, it looks as if the city guards had managed to kill the troll units that accompanied him before being killed by the giant. We unshackled Richard and sent him in first so as to ensure that the giant remained his target when the cursed blade returned to his hands. A blow from the giants club dropped him, but it gave us the opening to charge. Shengas put him down with a command spell and I webbed him into place. A quick heal brought Richard back into the fight and with everyone hacking away at him along with some brutal damage from Azroth’s new hammer was dispatched the giant with no casualties.
Entry 12.
Azroth took another head and once again a quick sleep spell restored Richard. We observed that the fighting seemed to be dying down. From the looks of things, these 3 advanced units that we’d fought were spearheading the thrust into the city. With them gone, the forces pushing up from behind lost their momentum and were being pushed back. A few small groups of half trolls still fought here and there, but were being routed by the city guards. The remaining invaders were fleeing and so it looks as though we have won the day. I hope that the damage was not too severe and that the city leaders are appropriately thankful and don’t ask too many questions. After the events of the past couple weeks, we desperately need a civilized and friendly population center in which we can rest for a few days and rebuild our strength. I need time to properly examine all these spellbooks and do some scribing, not to mention scroll creation as my emergency supply was greatly diminished during these battles. In addition we need to resupply and I’d like to turn my hand to some item creation, and more importantly we need to get that damned cursed sword away from Richard. Let us hope that in the words of many an explorer that, “the natives are friendly?”



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