Heroes of Ethova

Campaign Journal of Burned Seth

This is the journal of Burned Seth, Wizard; Shattered Shield Company

Session 21.
Entry 1.
We made our way back to the Inn and Lucas left for his meeting with Chelsea. Varel hung around like a fly on the wall to listen in on the conversation. Lucas doesn’t have Wilhelm’s silver tongue and needless to say the conversation didn’t go well. Not surprising when the main point of your argument is “C’mon the wizard isn’t so bad and there’s lots worse out there than him. I guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.” Sigh. At any rate, when Varel reported on the outcome of the meet, I immediately had Lucas draft up a letter to Chelsea explaining that, while I have done some questionable things, I am not an evil person and have done everything that I’ve done in the pursuit of a greater good. Furthermore, as a servant of a good deity she must have a belief in the concept of redemption and to please not do anything rash as he attempts to redeem me and bring me out of the gray and into the light. I just hope that she buys it. Even though most of the others have no issues with it, I still have no desire to have the death of a paladin on my hands.
Entry 2.
As we’ve still not received any word on the additional resources that I requested for the next assault on the goblin warren, we decided to put that quest on hold and do some follow up regarding the report of witches to the South. We set out and had an uneventful first leg of the journey, reaching Ashalae. We took the opportunity to restock our supplies, including a visit to Zook for some more potions. He seemed pleased by our report of having killed so many goblins. I pressed him for any more information on the warrens, he didn’t have much to offer, with the exception of warning us not to enter the underground creek. Before reaching the warrens proper it passes through a cavern. No goblin or slave that entered that cavern has ever come back out! Despite the warning, I find myself curious as to what could be in there?
Entry 3.
We departed on our way to Lznesh, the town closest to the area rumored to contain the witches lair. After 2 days travel we encountered something …odd. Near the road, we found an overturned, wrecked, mold covered wagon, with 3 figures mulling about. Upon seeing us, they attacked. They turned out to be corpses that were infested with the mold spores. Whenever they attacked or took damage the zombies expelled spores that had a hypnotic effect. Adrian succumbed to the effects and was helpless when a fungus-like creature burst forth from the wagon interior. It attempted to bore into his skull before I had an earth elemental drag him to safety. Between my elementals and Varel, we put all of them down and fired the wagon to prevent further contamination. In its ruins, we found the remains of some potions and a magical chain.
Entry 4.
The rest of the journey to Lznesh passed without incident, with the exception of almost camping on a den of snakes! We took rooms at the Sleeping Tree and sought out information regarding our destination. All to whom we spoke advised against crossing the river. From the stories we were told about those who encountered the witches, I suspect that they are hags. I’ve no desire to fight hags, but I do know that they sometimes make deals, hopefully we can strike one with them.
Entry 5.
We were directed to the Rusty Boar Inn. It was a ramshackle structure on the bank of the river. We were told that they would ferry people across for a price. When we reached the inn, it was the epitome of a sketchy establishment. It was run by 2 disreputable looking types. An elf and human that both look like they’d seen some fight in their day. When we enquired about rooms, they quoted a price that would get us a week in a better establishment. The room we got hadn’t been cleaned in quite some time, I’m pretty sure that the true owners off this inn are buried in a shallow grave out back and these 2 will try to murder us in our sleep, we’ll keep a watch just in case.
Entry 6.
I need to seriously re-evaluate our security measures. It seems that during the night while Lucas was on watch, the human left the common room and came to ours. Luckily his opening the door awoke Varel and that was enough to dissuade him from whatever he’d planned. Lucas simply sat in the common room … and didn’t think to follow…
Entry 7.
The next morning we made a deal for transport across the river. I’m doubtful that we will have a reliable means of return, but we will cross that river when we come to it, literally. Lucas was taken across first. Just for the sake of safety, I sent Kackle on a fly by to listen in on them. Upon reaching the opposite shore, the 2 demanded 50 gp from Lucas for not killing him. When they discovered he had little coin, one of them told him there was another way he could pay. Then he said that Lucas had a pretty mouth? At any rate, after telling them that I was the one that held the money!!, they robbed him of his weapon and coin pouch and made their way back.
Entry 8.
Fortunately, Kackle made it back before them and alerted us to what occurred. We thus decided to take them out. I began by summoning a water elemental to attack them as they crossed the river. As I was casting, the elf stood and hit me with 4 magic missiles! This makes him a more powerful caster than I. The others headed for cover while I concealed myself. He then dimm doored out of the boat while the other headed upstream. I dropped a new water elemental and set it after him, then went looking for the others.
Entry 9.
I found them in the Inn’s common room. Not long after, the elf came in the back way and touched off a fireball in the middle of the room. I found some cover and didn’t take the entire blast, unfortunately, Varel and Adrian did. Varel came through it but regrettably Adrian did not. We decided that this mission was a loss and cut out of there, taking a minute to grab the horses on our way. Our last sight of the scene was that of my water elemental dragging the human out of the boat and drowning him! The elf saw this too and judging from his anguished cry, the human was obviously a good friend. Tough luck for him! If you want to live a long and happy life, you should reconsider that before you decide to make your living by robbing travelers. I guess you could call it even, he killed one of ours, we killed one of his.
Entry 10.
We made our way down river a ways with Lucas matching our pace from the other shore. Once we’d gotten far enough away, I sent a water elemental to bring him back across. Once again, we find ourselves mourning a lost comrade and needing to regroup. Attempting to cross the river in this manner may not be our best option. I’m considering heading towards the port city of Malline. Hopefully from there we can recruit some new party members and perhaps find a boat that can take us up the coast and drop us on the shore near our destination. Who knows? As a major port city there may be more available there as far as resources and manpower, we may find something or someone useful.



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